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Date: 08.01.2015
From: tamaraz

Subject: intro and question re ANA

hello! I am waiting for my consult with a rheumatologist. Long story short - I have had "buckling knees", sore knees, sore and stiff hands, and a slightly high ANA count. My doc said something to me that makes no sense - that the range for ANA is 1-15, and mine is below 10. But I dont see that range in anything on the internet. I see "titres" on the internet, things like 1.180, etc - but whats this 1 to 15???? THANKS!
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Date: 08.01.2015
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: intro and question re ANA

realy camt help you , its not a test normal done in the UK but wiki The ANA test detects the autoantibodies present in an individual .

there is test for inflammation (ESR & CRP) & Rheumatiod factor + few other blood test they could do but your best hope is the consultant
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Date: 09.01.2015
From: med

Subject: Re: intro and question re ANA

Ask for a copy of your blood test results, I always do.
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