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Date: 26.12.2014
From: suze

Subject: pip assessment

Hi I had a assessment done monday by capita as I have put in a claim for pip. I had a home visit and have to say I found it all quite strange he didn't ask me many things as I was just chatting away to him then at the end he said I won't be asking you to do the exercises as I don't think you would be able to do them. It took about an hour. How long does it usually take from the time you have your assessment to a decision x x
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Date: 28.12.2014
From: Julie

Subject: Re: pip assessment

Hi Suze, mine took about 10 months the first time, but was refused, I re-applied and then I was assessed at home and it took about 4 months.
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Date: 29.12.2014
From: suze

Subject: Re: pip assessment

Thanks Julie x
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