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Date: 24.12.2014
From: marlene

Subject: Happy Christmas

Well Christmas Eve Turkey in the oven. Just in case I haven't got the time to come back on I whish everyone on here A Happy Peaceful Christmas.

Enjoy!!!!! (no peeping) lol
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Date: 24.12.2014
From: rhona

Subject: Re: Happy Christmas

Same to you, Marlene & everyone else. Hope everyone keeps well over the holidays and has a lovely time. xx
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Date: 24.12.2014
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: Happy Christmas

thinking humbug !!! , thinking gonna get drunk , maybe a little jog & play some footy , & xmas dinner being allowed to eat anything I like

O' Well not gonna happen , still try to enjoy xmas & hope everyone else does as well & healty new year
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Date: 25.12.2014
From: Deborah

Subject: Re: Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all on here xx

Hope we all have a pain free Christmas as possible.

Deborah xx.
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