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Date: 05.12.2014
From: Sandy

Subject: rheumatoid nodules ?

Hi,I've not been on here for ages,I hope you're all keeping as well as you can be ! .. i just wondered if anyone on here has nodules on their hands and if so if they could tell me what they looked like when they first started .. I keep getting red spots coming up that then seem to grow and look like small blisters except they are hard to the touch .. They only seem to be appearing on my hands near my joints .. They dont hurt but they look awful ! ..ive looked on the internet and in all the images they show they are massive .. Mine seem to stay about 2mm in size .. They only seem to be appearing on my most painful fingers .. I wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar ? Thanks x
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Date: 05.12.2014
From: rhona

Subject: Re: rheumatoid nodules ?

Hi Sandy, I was having a look online about rheumatoid nodules. I don't know if you are on methotrexate but i and was surprised to read that methotrexate can be a cause of nodules although other disease modifying drugs can help to stop them. I don't know why that should be, I must read some more on this. I think it would be a good idea to see the rheumatologist about this and see what they suggest. Seemingly they can be the size of a pea or as big as a walnut and sometimes are painful and sometimes not. I know they are quite common. Take care. xx
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Date: 26.12.2014
From: suze

Subject: Re: rheumatoid nodules ?

Hi I've had a noduel on the ball off my foot and its under the skin and was the size of a 5p I had it removed. It was very pain full to walk on x
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