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Date: 30.10.2014
From: Ella

Subject: Inflammatory osteoarthritis

Hi, I have looked online for information but on this subject its a bit thin on the ground. Does anyone have inflammatory osteoarthritis that has been misdiagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis ? I have a relative with IO and I have sero negative RA, our symptoms are identical and Im wondering if the rheumy has got it wrong. Thanks in advance.
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Date: 02.11.2014
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Inflammatory osteoarthritis

You haven't said which one of you may have the misdiagnoses. Unfortunately Arthritis is a loose word and the different kinds have similarity.
It is possible they have got it wrong and if you are concerned maybe call the rheumy and ask any questions you have. Tell them about your relative and say you are worried that they have got it wrong.
It is your right to say!! I hope you get your worries sorted.

Take care x
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