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Date: 25.10.2014
From: Julia

Subject: knee surgery

I have osteoarthritis in my right knee and dropped arch in right foot. I have heard so many stories about people who have had knee replacement surgery and felt no better after. Anyone out there with a good result? Any exercise groups for people with arthritis. I live near cardiff.
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Date: 26.10.2014
From: Marlene

Subject: Re: knee surgery

Hi Julia, I was in hospital with a lady who had knee surgery and she said the relief from her pain was amazing. My neighbour also had both knees replaced in her 70's and was out and about in no time.
Every one has a horror story to tell people when they are going to have surgery. I have OA and had elbow and back surgery and I am glad to say both were a success. To be pain free or in less pain can only be a bonus.
Surgeons will only operated if they feel the outcome will be better for you.

Be careful with the exercise. Swimming is the best exercise for OA.

Hope this helps Take care X
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