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Date: 23.09.2014
From: Sheila

Subject: Taking Curcumin ( Turmeric ) and Vitamin D for RA

Been trying these for a few months , after having
R.A. for over 10 years and recently found perhaps
for over 20 years as its in my GP notes that far back but no one ever bothered telling me. Doctors scoff and say that Vitamin D means nothing and I've not even mentioned Curcumins, but things seem to be much better especially with the severe burstitis I have on the soles of my feet and I wonder if anyone else has tried these
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Date: 23.09.2014
From: bsk

Subject: Re: Taking Curcumin ( Turmeric ) and Vitamin D for RA

Hi Sheila,

Vitamin D is prescribed by my GP so, yes, I take it. I don't know if it makes a difference but it is keeping my levels up. I haven't taken curcumin supplements as I'm not sure about dosage. How much do you take?
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Date: 23.09.2014
From: Sheila

Subject: Re: Taking Curcumin ( Turmeric ) and Vitamin D for RA

I took one x 500 mg tablet of 95% Curcumin ( about
12.00 for 60 tablets ) but after a month am taking 2 x 500 mg tabs ( recommended dose in only one ) All I can say my getting about is 100% better, and if its all " in my mind " thats fine as I'm sure my Consultant would say that. As to Vitamin D I read Oxford University reports advising doctors to monitor RA patients , my reading was about 40 now its 45, its recommended to be 70 plus in RA patients. My doctors says its all rubbish. The report found the lower the Vitamin D the highter the pain and inflamation and the higher the Vitamin D the lower the pain and inflamation , I got my GP to add the Vitamin D
test to my monthly Blood Test. The Consultant just wants to increase my Methotrexate above the
20 mg I am on (recently up from 10 mg) and give me Hydroxychloroquine as well and the risks to your eyes I keep reading about " simply dont exist "
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Date: 23.09.2014
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Taking Curcumin ( Turmeric ) and Vitamin D for RA

Sheila, I also take vit D prescribe by my GP . I get blood tested for lack of vit D every year as we get a lot of vit D from the sun. There are many in this country that don't realise they lack vit D.
This is an important supplement for us as it helps to regulate Calcium and Phosphate which helps to keep our bones healthy.
So anyone having Arthritis it is important for us.
I don't think my Gp would waste money on a yearly test if it wasn't important.
This vitamin is ok'd by N.I.C.E but many are not so this tells it's own story.
Ask your GP to do a blood test to see how your levels of Vit D are. Then if they are low he we have to prescribe for you.

All GP's differ on the their ideas so it is hard sometimes to get that happy medium. Good luck with it all.

I hope this helps you Take care xxx
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Date: 23.09.2014
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Taking Curcumin ( Turmeric ) and Vitamin D for RA

Hi Sheila

I had read about curcumin before and I regularly use lots of turmeric in my food.

I found this from a medical article -

"Increased intestinal permeability should be largely improved by dietary addition of compounds, such as glutamine or curcumin, which both have the mechanistic potential to inhibit the inflammation and oxidative stress linked to tight junction opening."

Here's the link to the article -

I was not looking for articles about glutamine but I also take a spoonful glutamine (powder) in a little bit of water or juice!

Regarding Vitamin D - I am a strong believer in my Magnesium supplementation ensuring that I absorb vitamin D - and process calcium properly.

As others would say...don't take supplements without asking your medical team, but as you have seen knowledge in this area is mixed at best!

Take care..
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