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Date: 31.05.2014
From: lol

Subject: sore throat with methotrexate

Hi it's lol had a throat infection for a month had three lots of nystatin doctor said didn't know what to do as he thought it was side effect of methotrexate told me to ask my rhummy nurse she asked the consultant she said i needed to go on anti-fungal and to cut my methotrexate down to six until they see me in two weeks has anyone else had this problem will it heal without comeing off the methotrexate as it seems to be working now my esr and crp and liver has come down any ideas be really grateful thanks lol
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Date: 08.06.2014
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: sore throat with methotrexate

hi lol , methotrexate can cause yeast infections , not that common , how much folic acid you take , I would talk to your consultant , if your ESR & CRP is coming down then you should be feeling a bit better & maybe reducing your MTX will help
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Date: 08.06.2014
From: bsk

Subject: Re: sore throat with methotrexate

Hi lol, I got yeast infections on Mtx, too, and Nystatin didn't help. I had to take an oral anti-fungal, which worked. I can't help more than that, sorry.
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