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Date: 12.05.2014
From: Stephen

Subject: osteoarthritis wrists

Hi all, I am 52 and both wrists (tfcc) and osteo. Feel I can't face the future. Roofer but things are hard, any advice? Need a cure!
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Date: 13.05.2014
From: marlene

Subject: Re: osteoarthritis wrists

Hi Stephen, sorry to hear your have OA in your wrists. This is a wear and tear arthritis so it could be your work that has had the biggest impact on your wrists. Sorry but there is no cure!!! There are wrists splints that may help painkillers and physio that is about it. I have OA in multiple joints and have had corrective surgery but this comes way down the line. I have had OA for thirty years and I get along ok still.

Best of luck and take care xxxxx
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