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Date: 08.05.2014
From: Julie

Subject: ANCA blood test

has anyone had to have an ANCA blood test done and why?

I have to take rheumy's request paperwork next time I go to doctors for bloods and I read what test she was asking to be done.

After appointment with rheumy and a lengthy discussion why I thought I might have Lymes and my worry over a recurring staphy infection she is sending me to see a chest specialist, an ENT specialist (Lord knows what tests they will want to do but I don't want to know) also had a nasal swab done I think this is to see where the infection is coming from.

She left me for about 10 minutes while she went to see another doctor, obviously didn't know what to do!

I asked if they were 100% certain that it was RA whereby she said yes absolutely certain because I have Rheumatoid factor and antibodies.

She agreed with me that whatever is causing my infections is causing me to flare and preventing medication working. AT LAST THEY ARE TAKING NOTE, but she also said whatever my problem is that it probably caused me to get RA.

I am so angry when I think of the months before being sent to rheumatology I was constantly going to g.p. saying how ill I felt, only to be given antibiotics to shut me up. Cant help but think the way my life is now could possibly have been avoided.

So as a warning to others fight for what you want regarding your health because nobody will fight for you.

Im still waiting for Lymes test to come back so no news there.
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Date: 08.05.2014
From: May

Subject: Re: ANCA blood test

ANCA is sometimes used to test for vasculitis. If you do have Lyme disease (not Lymes ), the only treatment the NHS will give you is a four week course of Doxcycline .
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Date: 09.05.2014
From: Julie

Subject: Re: ANCA blood test

thanks May, now I have read up what vasculitis is I am more scared.

I am feeling really down and frightened at being sent to all these different people, its never ending and with each different specialist appointment I go to, I go through this fear of what is going to be done to me again, I feel as if it only a matter of time before they tell me I have something which cant be treated, stupid of me I know but I am really getting downhearted.

I know they are looking after me but last night I sat in bed and just cried at the thought of more tests. I take all my meds religiously with a strict timetable, I have even been and had my fillings renewed to make sure I don't have any bacteria from any fillings with holes which may cause problems.

Oh gosh I shouldn't complain there are people in other countries who don't get basic medical care and here I am getting all this. After all the bad media about Hull Royal I really cant complain with the care they are giving me.

thanks once again May
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