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Date: 02.05.2014
From: Margaret

Subject: help is at hand

I have just been reading some of the posts regarding the special need for support or equipment by some of you. There is an organisation which may help they are called Elizabeth Finn Care a friend of mine who I totally trust and who has suffered from arthritis since childhood is a volunteer with them, they can finance equipment adaptations and lots more, I believe they used to only offer help to women but now they have expanded to include men and they also operate in Scotland, this is not one of your new fangled do gooder charities they are professional people who have been operating since Victorian times. If you need some extra help why not try them. Can I add I am a regular on this forum and am not selling or pushing anything but I knew of this charity when I worked in Local Government and they might help some of you who are struggling to get help from PIP and occupational health. Look them up ont tinternet
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Date: 03.05.2014
From: Emm

Subject: Re: help is at hand

Thanks Margaret, I have not heard of them. So it is good to know of extra organisations to help.
Regards Emm
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