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Date: 01.05.2014
From: Lisa Brookes

Subject: New to this site

Hi i'm 41 and i've been to the doctors with a spur on my finger and some small boney nodules on the same finger, when i've looked on the internet it called them spurs, my doctor has concluded that its osteoarthritis as i suspected. i am waiting to see a hand specialist to see if they or when they are going to remove the largest spur as it's underneath my index finger on my knuckle and will and is affecting my finger. Is it common to have a spur as a first sign of arthritis? i have so many questions, how is this going to affect me? i know there are people out there who have probably had arthritis young and i'm certainly not that young but i wasn't ready for arthritis, maybe a silly thing to say. i also suffer with EDS type 3 and fibromyalgia. i have 3 children, two of which have EDS type 3 so i have my hands full, i am lucky i have a very supportive husband. Many thanks for your help
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Date: 02.05.2014
From: marlene

Subject: Re: New to this site

Hi Lisa, welcome to the site. I hope we can give you some support. We are all in this together and understand one and other.
OA is not an old person disease I am 63 but have had OA since my early 30's.
It is common to form spurs and to be honest as a busy mum you probably have had signs and have ignored it. I certainly did. I used to think aches and pains were part of the cause of having three kids a job a husband a dog a house and garden to look after.
You will be OK!! It is always a shock when they mention Arthritis no matter what type.
Just carry on being a great Mum and wife.
Good luck with the hand specialist. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. X
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Date: 02.05.2014
From: Sean

Subject: Re: New to this site

Hi Lisa,

Formation of bone spurs in my back was one the first signs of my AS when I had xrays at about 18 years old. They also diagnosed osteoarthritis.

I am 48 now and my xrays a few years ago show that they have progressed a bit but I'm thankfully still quite fit. I've been self treating with diet and supplements since seeing a natropath when I was 26 years old.

I've said before on here that having arthritis in my back is probably not a debilitating as having it in your hands or feet / ankles. I know I am luckier than most.

I had not heard of EDS before and I can see that for that condition wear and tear Osteoarthritis is more likely - but I don't buy the fact that all (young age) osteoarthritis is just wear and tear - I see it as the bodies failure to repair wear and tear and is likely to be autoimmune related like other forms of arthritis.
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