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Date: 11.03.2014
From: lol

Subject: methotrexate

hi its lol hope im not driving anybody mad. went to see rhummy nurse today said my liver test was high and needed to stop sulfasalazine. got the doctor to come in to have a word with me why i wont go on methotrexate explained i was frightened in case i get lung problems or anything really serious that cant be reversed. doctor said they will keep an eye on me if i dont try it then they cant put me on anything else said i have a week to think about it i am so scared ive heard so many bad things about it and with having liver problems with the sulfasalazine will i have problems with the methotrexate hope you dont get fed up with me its the only support i have thanks
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Date: 11.03.2014
From: rhona

Subject: Re: methotrexate

Hi Lol, A lot of us with RA are on mtx, I have been on it for years. They would prescribe folic acid with it and that should lessen the side effects. They will give you weekly blood tests when you first start it and check your liver so if it was causing any problems then they would stop it. I think it would be worth giving it a try as it may help your pain a lot and they would start you on a small dose. x
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Date: 12.03.2014
From: Denise

Subject: Re: methotrexate

Hi lol

Like you I had a significantly raised liver reaction to hydroxychloroquine which was the first drug I was given. Came off it and my liver returned to normal in a couple of months. Been on mtx for over a year now but not totally successful and am waiting to start cimzia, an anti tnf. I think we all have our concerns about what these drugs could do but I came to the conclusion that I had no alternative but to suck it and see. At the end of the day do you live with the long term destruction that the RA could cause if untreated or do you take your chances.

As Rhona says you will be given regular blood tests so they should be able to detect any problems relatively early. And you have to have tried two DMARDs before they will consider you for anything else.

I did however insist that I saw an improvement in my liver before I started on the mtx. It just seemed the most logical thing to do.

Hope this helps.
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