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Date: 09.03.2014
From: Rachael

Subject: I've found something to take my mind off my multiple pains. ...

My rheumatologist got my results last Monday & so far I've heardÊnothing BUT I've found something to take my mind off the pain. ....

Complications from having a tooth out. It took an hour and 15 nobs to get it out and I've been in agony since, taking tramadol & solpadiene and sleeping loads. I've also eaten very little :-(.

Does anyone else find, or, has anyone else found that having severe pain (not related to arthritis)elsewhere takes the onus away from their other pains.

I feel such a fraud not feeling my pains as much
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Date: 09.03.2014
From: Sandy

Subject: Re: I've found something to take my mind off my multiple pains. ...

Hi Rachael,my rheumy once told me that your brain can only concentrate on one pain at a time hence why there is always one part of your body that hurts most even with the arthritis ... you have my sympathy - there is nothing worse than tooth ache ... hope you find something to relieve it xx
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