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Date: 26.02.2014
From: Rachael

Subject: Been to Occupational Health again this morning

She was brill as usual. I've come home with 2 x splints for my little fingers, 2 x middle fingers & one for my foot.

They have also put in an emergency appointment to have an assessment for another handrail fitting outside the front door, a swivel Bath seat and sofa raisers, possibly a raised toilet seat too.

Pain & limitations seem to be getting worse, today I don't know where to put myself in in so much pain. I phoned my Rheumatologist on Mon asking for results of my bone scan and nothing has been done yet.
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Date: 27.02.2014
From: Willis

Subject: Re: Been to Occupational Health again this morning

Hi Rachael
Glad outcome was so positive :) Hope you are having a good day today xx
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