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Date: 21.02.2014
From: Rachael

Subject: Can a fall bring on a flare?

I've recently had a fall. Could this cause a flare?
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Date: 22.02.2014
From: Molly

Subject: Re: Can a fall bring on a flare?

Hi Rachael, it is possible as I was advised that chiropractic treatment could cause a flare.
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Date: 23.02.2014
From: Jot

Subject: Re: Can a fall bring on a flare?

Hi Rachael, I broke a toe 12 months ago and then had a horrendous flare up, so see no reason why a fall shouldn't be the same!
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Date: 24.02.2014
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Can a fall bring on a flare?

Hi Rachael

I believe that stress has caused flares for me - linking with the whole gut reaction thing I found medical papers that reports that "fight or flight" hormones created during a trauma stimulates the growth of certain gut bacteria.

The mechanism for a flare is then in place as low magnesium (or incorrect balnce to calcium) prevents regulation of hormones - then low zinc levels allow the growth of e coli in the gut.

E coli and other bacteria do live in a normal gut and when tolerence to the protein on the bacteria cell-wall is broken then immune system makes anti-bodies against similar proteins with the similar QKRAA code.
This paper says -

"Past work has shown that in addition to their ability to function as neurotransmitters, catecholamines (stress hormones) can also directly stimulate the growth of a number of pathogenic bacteria."

I am aware also from taking regular magnesium that this it is the calming mineral - and this paper reflects its role in stress reaction -

"Thus, stress, whether physical (i.e. exertion, heat, cold, trauma-accidental or surgical, burns), or emotional (i.e. pain, anxiety, excitement or depression) and dyspnea as in asthma increases need for Mg. Genetic differences in Mg utilization may account for differences in vulnerability to Mg deficiency and differences in body responses to stress."

How are you now?
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