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Date: 20.12.2013
From: sally butler

Subject: food

Hi all I've just had 2 days of freedom from pain. I needed a colonoscopy and first day was mainly white food including eggs and dairy but 2nd day was fasting. There must be some link as today it's back with avengence!.what are your experiences please?
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Date: 20.12.2013
From: Sean

Subject: Re: food

Hi Sally

I have posted many times on my diet and relief I get from temporary fasting.

Did your 1st day exclude many other foods?

One option is to you undertake an elimination diet to see which foods you are reacting to - here is a link to the most reacctive foods for arthritis -

My elimination diet 20 years ago was overssen by a doctor in Surrey called "John Mansfield" - I did 2 weeks with Cod, Pears, Sweet Potatoes then added rice and peas.

In the end I came off of wheat, corn and most cows milk - but too much carbs and sugar can still trigger a flare and then I need to go in to a repair / defensive mode for eating again!

Top of the list is grains and dairy...
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Date: 20.12.2013
From: Linda

Subject: Re: food

I don't eat wheat or dairy either.

I have just had a bad cold, the first one I've had for a few years. The ever present pain in my knees totally disappeared. I could walk up the stairs with ease, rather than crawl up.

I have known other people with arthritis to say their aches and pains disappear when they have some other infection.
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Date: 06.05.2014
From: Sean

Subject: Re: food

Hi all

Just sharing something else I found on this.

Seems as though in the medical literature there are a few doctors that had been successfully using elimination diets to treat arthritis.

This doctor was using elimination diet in 1924 and was still practicing and successfully treating people in 1950.

It's only a few pages (as the rest is pay for view).

1937 - Dr Brown - Bacterial or Food Allergy should be considered in all cases of arthritis and do skin tests

Interesting link to asthma mentioned in this one above too.
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