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Date: 18.12.2013
From: Ted

Subject: Cramp in legs feet and hands

This is my first post but I have followed the forum for some time having gained a lot of guidance and help. I have had AS & OS for many years then three years ago told I had RA .i also have Chrones which has required five ops to keep me going .I take Ibuprofen 600 ,paracetamol. MST and Morphine 10 but nothing seems to stop the cramps I get .It is really getting me down and I wondered if any of the lovely people on the forum had any ideas
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Date: 21.12.2013
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Cramp in legs feet and hands

Hi Ted welcome to the forum. I used to suffer with cramp but I take a limited amount of salt in my diet and Vitamin C&D. Sometimes this can cause cramp if you are lacking in the things I listed.
It is also important not to let your self get cold for too long.
If the cramp you are suffering goes on too long maybe a visit to the GP would be useful.
I hope this helps a bit.
Take care and chin up.
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Date: 24.12.2013
From: Ted

Subject: Re: Cramp in legs feet and hands

Hi Marlene thanks for your help ,I do take vitamin D but salt and vitamin c intake is not what it used to be .When you said about the cold that really hit home ,some of my worse nights were after taking my dogs out on the really cold nights and suffering later .Think I should get some thermals lol
Keep up you great work
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