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Date: 10.03.2009
From: Barbara Vizard

Subject: Complementary medicine to help RA naturally

Hi, just thought I'd start a topic for complementary medicine just in case anyone would like to explore some alternative methods to all the drugs we're given by doctors/hospitals. I'll add in my blog too that I've recently started on my own battle with RA and what natural methods I'm exploring at the moment.
My blog address is: Barbara
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Date: 10.03.2009
From: Jill

Subject: Re: Complementary medicine to help RA naturally

yep been there done that Barbara, Y not just talk to us lot on here, dont think herbal stuff works for the Chronically arthritic types on here, me included

If works for you, fab

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Date: 11.03.2009
From: Barbara

Subject: Re: Complementary medicine to help RA naturally

Appreciate your remarks Jill, guess a lot of long-term sufferers have tried everything and know what works best. I've just been newly diagnosed so trying to explore all avenues and keeping fingers/toes crossed (while I still can!). Interesting reading all the posts and seeing how varied symptoms and reactions are to this disease and that one way definitely doesn't fit all. Even my Chinese herbal practitioner agrees that the earlier you treat RA the greater the possibility of finding some relief - I'm reluctant to say a 'cure'. I'll keep on posting .... Babara
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