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Date: 08.10.2013
From: Sean

Subject: Zinc - warning long diet post!

.I just wanted to share a recent development in the regulation of my own AS arthritis..

I have supplemented quite consistently with a MagCal, Manganese and also selenium and zinc for about 20 years. However - I ran out of zinc a few months back and just carried on with the Magnesium/Calcium and Manganese - slowly, slowly I noticed a slide with more food sensitivity and inflammation. Then about 2 weeks ago I got my zinc (citrate) and took morning and night. I noticed an improvement - less tightness in my neck and shoulder blades and reduction in my occassional lower back and hip soreness.

Being a dog with a bone I tried to find some literature on why this might be helping - and was astounded to see the role that Zinc plays in enzyme activation and the cittrulination and deamination of foreign and self proteins.

In short - i have discovered that gut dysbiosis (gut bacterial imbalance) is common in all autoimmune diseases and it is the bacteria in our guts that help absorb zinc - even if we are eating a good diet.

I have stopped taking zinc in the morning (coffee stops absorption) and have stopped taking it with calcium as it clashes (competes) - although I am being stronger on my no dairy - I am pretty sure that this zinc is helping as I am feeling better than I have for a year.

BTW - Cittrulination is activated by Calcium in absence of Zinc. This helps ensure that the t-cells that are programmed for self undergo a process called Apoptosis (death) in the thymus

Surprisingly most official research for arthritis is with Zinc Sulphate which is not well absorbed - and has given mixed results with the usual more studies needed comments.

I believe that some initiating proteins (that trigger a cascade of cittrulination / deamination) come from my gut.

You already know Im wheat free but Gliadin a protein in wheat has been proven to open the gut lining (tight junctions) in non-celiacs and even healthy people and let "stuff" in that should stay in the gut - based on huge amounts literature (for many auto immune diseases) my view is that these are part of the issue as it allows "invaders" in - but then t-cell / b-cell reaction goes wrong (bad programming) due to lack of availability of correct hormone balance and minerals.

Text is small but this chap knows his stuff - and throws the kitchen sink at the issue in this presentation -
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Date: 08.10.2013
From: Chris

Subject: Re: Zinc - warning long diet post!

Thanks Sean,
i'll add a zinc supplement for 12 weeks and see if i get any 'changes'.
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Date: 08.10.2013
From: Suz

Subject: Re: Zinc - warning long diet post!

Oh wow.. another great advice from you Sean. I like to hear what helps people and when they share its just so supportive.

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