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Date: 07.03.2009
From: Jill

Subject: message for Suszannah

Hi there

havnt seen you on here for a while, no other way of contacting you, are U ok? missed seeing your name on screen the way this might make you larf! been to dentist, absesses(3) in lower left jaw,,AGONY! antibiotics etc, and today been told I need 4 teeth extacted due to the Inflamation, Cannot beleive it, this is all part and parcel of being on the drugs, and having Reiters disease! Fab huh....this part will make you larf, gotta have some form of false teeth, talk about Salt in the wound!

anyway,...let me know how u r

Love Jill x
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Date: 07.03.2009
From: suszannah

Subject: Re: message for Suszannah

OMG it don't rain for you is hisses down ss hun :(

If you missed other post left email addy for you, i work odd shift and sleep in so can be off for a few days, but i always check in when not this board X
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