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Date: 28.09.2013
From: Daniel Worgan

Subject: Constant fatigue along with pain?

Hello,i wonder if other who suffer with arthritis have some symptoms that i am feeling.
I have OA and am being treated and getting ready for more operations,but i also suffer fro extreme fatigue.
To give you some examples,i get up in the morning and actually feel extremely tired,i can be driving somewhere and will have to pull into a layby and rest for 30 mins or so.Even typing this i am actually stopping as i am feeling tired and muscle aching doing so.
I am forever sleeping for an hour or two about midday,i am just so exhausted.
Is this a general feeling amongst others who suffer with OA or maybe i should insist my doctor looks further into my condition?
Don't get me wrong,my doctor seems good,but before my xrays confirmed severe degenerative disease i was always fobbed off with antidepressants and co-codemol,but this has never relieved the constant fatigue.
Any input would be appreciated.
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Date: 28.09.2013
From: cav

Subject: Re: Constant fatigue along with pain?

Hi mate ive got r a and i get tired loads always tired and body's always stiff must say its hard work
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Date: 03.10.2013
From: PJ

Subject: Re: Constant fatigue along with pain?

I think lethargy comes with the RA, but sometimes you may be low on iron. Have you had feratin levels checked ?
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Date: 04.10.2013
From: Kim

Subject: Re: Constant fatigue along with pain?

Hello Daniel
Your not alone. I have OA in lower spine, and attacking my joints. With the constant nightly disturbed sleep, and meds, its not uncommon for me to be nodding off in the afternoon. I could be reading a book or tapping on laptop, and whoops!!! I've nodded. Good luck on getting your G.P to investigate, but in my recent experience I no longer have any respect for them. I can't seem to get refer to a pain specialist, I couldn't get the G.P to make an home visit when my back went into spasm. All they say is get some daily exercize, easier said then done when every part of your body is either aching,stiff or painful.
Best of luck
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