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Date: 02.03.2009
From: anne

Subject: BEBO

Hi, im 33 and have been diagnosed with arthritis recently. I gave birth to my baby and within a week i had a sore ankle and within 3 months i caould hardly do anything for myself.. i have made improvements since but am still shocked at how quickly this happened and still dont know why. I have opened a bebo page and would love anyone to join me to just share experiences etc..pretty much like this i suppose. I dont know anyone in my age group who has arthritis or understands what its like.

Bebo page:
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Date: 05.03.2009
From: ŠJill

Subject: Re: BEBO

Hi Anne

congrats on your baby, regards our conditions(athritis etc) and age group, it doesnt matter what the age of the person is that has the disease, mine began at 26 years after my first baby, however, Im now 48, this forum is the best place
to talk about your pain and lots of us(all ages) understand what your going through, there is a young child of 12 on here, we can all help each other....

What type of arthritis do you have? I have Reiters disease, DDD and lots other probs, are you on any medications from your rhumatologist?

Like I said before Bebo I doubt will give you the support you need, I use Facebook, thats for fun, and to give myself a break from my pain, However, this forum for me is about finding out info, how Others are, how others deal with their pain, Ideas etc, the last thing I worry about is the Age of the person Im talking to, makes no difference. I have spoken to lots of lovely people on here, some younger, some older....take care, let us know how many of us talk to you on Bebo, Im just being nosy!

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