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Date: 01.03.2009
From: Laura

Subject: does RA mean never being without pain again??

Hi am new to site. Have had RA for a few years am on lots of meds but never without severe pain. Its difficult to even enjoy fun things anymore. My daughter is getting married next year and part of me is actually wondering how I will manage to get through the day!!! Love to hear from someone who also has constant pain.
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Date: 02.03.2009
From: Jill

Subject: Re: does RA mean never being without pain again??

HI laura

sorry to hear that your pain isnt totally under control, most of ours on this forum isnt either, its hard isnt it? I dont have any answers really, I have Reiters disease (ReA) DDD SNRA also, all this gives me terrible pain, im on methtrexate, Enbrell, Morphine, list goes on, each day is different for me, Ive had lots operations and corrective surgeries, and im sick of the pain too, it never goes away, somes days are worse than others, then some days are better than the day before...However, I have a young family, and they keep me Uplifted as well as good friends, I have recently found this forum and reading the other messages, its seems most of us have similar problems, and they give us support and understanding, so although I dont have Much info to give you, I am a good listener, and hopefully give you support when you need it.. what Painkillers are you on? I use to be on the Patches, but since changed to Zomorph, they do help, but I have trouble sleeeping and therfore tired daily, that does get me down, my life has changed considerably also, it has taken me years to accept this disease

Take care

by the way, Look forward to your daughters wedding , stay positive, and Hopefully you will have a good day
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Date: 02.03.2009
From: laura

Subject: Re: does RA mean never being without pain again??

Hi Jill sounds like you have a tough time. At least my girls are grown up and I wasnt so bad when they were younger. I also have had lots of surgery and am generally an upbeat person but although i have great friends i don't like to tell them how much pain i am really in as it would just make them feel bad. Am on Tramadol, steroids and methotrexate. Hope you are having a better day today.
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Date: 05.03.2009
From: Barbara Vizard

Subject: Re: does RA mean never being without pain again??

Hi: Have just joined up and have recently been diagnosed with RA. I'm awaiting my appointment with a rheumatologist at the hospital but have decided to start a blog charting my battle, what products/medicines I've tried etc. so if anyone wants to read it, you can find it at:

You might find some things that help alleviate some of your symptoms or just give you ideas of things you can try that you mightn't have thought of. In the meantime I shall tune into this forum and hope to participate as well.
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