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Date: 22.07.2013
From: Kit

Subject: DLA appeal - claim refused.

Hi, just thought would put update on about DLA. I was on DLA mobility & care for over 10 years until this year. I was refused after my assessment, lodge an appeal and the decision arrived this morning...NO. At the moment I am on Incap and that is all the benefit I get, no housing or council tax help. I'm now waiting for a decision on Incapacity as assessment is happening on that. I don't suppose there is anything else I can do now, but just accept decisions. Further to my arthritis condition, I'm awaiting an appointment to have a bone scan, and until that is done the doctor refuses to give me calcium tablets, different pain meds to cocodormal and no referal to a pain specialist. Any advice here would be most welcome, thank you. Ps: C.A.B no help to me.
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Date: 23.07.2013
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: DLA appeal - claim refused.

hi kit , dont think I can advise you much , main thing would be to try CAB + they are putting people onto PIP which is a lot tougher to get

only thing I would sugest is try one of the forums that deals with ESA & DLA like This site is primarily about ESA however they do have information/questions regarding DLA/PIP.
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