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Date: 18.07.2013
From: Thomas Byron

Subject: Psoriatic Arthritis guitar?

Hi. Glad i have found this forum. I am 22 years old and after 3 years of pain I have just been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. I am still a bit confused as to all that is going on... but I used to play guitar but I stopped for fear of making my symptoms worse. Now I have a diagnosis could I start playing or is that not advisable? Also I have read that a low GI diet can help with symptoms any word on that?


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Date: 19.07.2013
From: rhona

Subject: Re: Psoriatic Arthritis guitar?

Hi Thomas, Just thought I would say welcome to the forum and sorry that you have been diagnosed with PA especially at such a young age. I am sure others will come on and give their opinion on diet etc. I hope you will be able to continue with your guitar.
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Date: 20.07.2013
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Psoriatic Arthritis guitar?

Hi Thomas

I use diet for my arthritis (and it helps my skin too - I dont have Psoraisis but have skin reactions to modest amounts of cows milk / cream).

I believe that a low glycemic index diet may help you and is more than worth a try. I guess you have seen the Paleo Diet on the web - which has a big following with many Psoraisis and Arthritis sufferers.

I also found this article which links in with diet and streptococcus bacteria for Psoraisis -

My arthritis has a big link with an autoimmune reaction to a particular bacteria called Klebsiella - and I am also aware that PsA has links to Strep Pyogenes. These bacteria are less likely to invoke a reaction if they stay in your GIT (gastro intestinal tract) - which is where diet comes in.

Some foods feed these bacteria and other foods especially gluten cause gut permeability and let these bacteria and their exotoxins sneak through to your blood stream.

Other foods and drinks can help by either being antibiotic or support good bacteria that can compete against the baddies!

I have read that genetics plays a role too - with certain genes being more common for different forms of arthritis - depending on which genes you carry depends on which bacteria (or other proteins) will be recognised as "self".

If you decide to try a diet then - Please let us know how you get on!

Best of luck.
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Date: 20.07.2013
From: Thomas Byron

Subject: Re: Psoriatic Arthritis guitar?

Hi, Thanks for that very concise reply. I was tossing between the Low GI and Paleo. Ill probably start the Paleo first. I will keep you updated on how I get on. Thanks again.

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