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Date: 29.06.2013
From: Carol Burgess

Subject: Osteo arthritis pain

I have had mild OA in both knee for many years now at age 65 xrays show marked degeneration. I also have neck arthritis and I supsect it maybe in the spine along with various other problems and am on a lot of medication. My question is would knee arthritis cause not only pain back and front of knee but excruiating pain down leg and foot also milder pain up into thigh and lower back. The pain nearly always starts as back of knee before travelling as described. Also I have no real pain at night or if I lie still all day. The awful
pain starts after only a very short walk or housework task. This means I am almost confined to the house. I have an appointment with consultant
end of July. Physio has not helped and exercises just make pain worse. Pain when it start can take hours to subside. I take Ibuprofen and even if I take them before any pain and rest a while as soon
as I am walking around the pain starts. Does anyone have this problem. Thankyou
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Date: 06.07.2013
From: Ronald Mudie

Subject: Re: Osteo arthritis pain

Hi Carol,
I have exactly the same problems as you, pain, pain and more pain due to arthritis and have been like this for a lot of years. I am 68 now, and after years of suffering my doctor and I agreed I go the, 'stronger painkiller' route which was a Godsend. The anti-inflammatory tablets I took were never much good and gave me terrible stomach ache; that's all I had taken so far.
The tablets I settled on we're Dihydrocodeine 8x30mgs and Amitriptyline at night for sleep and pain, 50mgs prior to bed.
I now have relief, at long, long last from agonising pain morning and night. What is most important Carol you must start the tablets in low dosage and build up slowly to the required amount for the pain. The side effects do affect you at first but don't give in they do wear off, honest. Obviously your doctor will keep you right.
To finish Carol, I was like you, at my wits end suffering so long with continual arthritic pain but now the suffering is much much less and my life is now worth living again thru' being happier and coping well. All the best Carol...................Ron.
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Date: 06.07.2013
From: Emm

Subject: Re: Osteo arthritis pain

Hi, Yes I do and I have RA.
I am always on about how my shin bones hurt especially when walking and can only go a short distance. I have damage of the ankle and knees.
I don't get offered much in the way of change of drugs.
Take methatrexate and prednisolone. Tramadol for pain. Only take 1 tramadol at bedtime as they make me sleepy and chilled out.
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Date: 07.07.2013
From: Carol

Subject: Re: Osteo arthritis pain

Hi Ron
Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am not sure about Dihydrocodeine as I have IBS and avoid anything that might cause constipation. I looked it up and see that care should be taken if you have Asthma or Thyroid problems, both of which I have, so don't know if GP would prescribe it. Never the less I will ask. I am so pleased that at last you have your life back and have found something that works for you. I get virtually no pain at night although I don't sleep well but that is due more to an ongoing anxiety problem. The pain usually starts within 1 hour of being up just showering and getting breakfast is enough and I then spend most of the day lying down with various
degrees of pain just getting up when I need to to cook etc. Like you I just want to get my life back. My appointment with consultant is 25th of this month. I do appreciate your reply and wish you all the best.
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Date: 26.07.2013
From: Carol

Subject: Re: Osteo arthritis pain

Update have been to hospital and am now waiting for a knee washout. Unfortunately have to wait about 3 months unless there is a last minute cancellation. The orthopaedic doctor has prescribed codeine for the pain as Ibuprofen and paracetamol don't work well enough. Has any one any experience of codeine for osteoarthritis pain. She also prescribed senna to help with any constipation side effect. I also have IBS.
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