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Date: 27.06.2013
From: Lynn

Subject: dry eyes and Metheltrexate?

Hello Everyone,
I've just stumbled across this forum, yay! I'm a 49 year old female, was always very healthy, and still am, sort of. Was diagnosed with RA about 3 mos ago and am now taking a weekly injection of MX, daily Placquenil and daily Prednisone to keep things calm until (hopefully) the other drugs start to work. My body is very resistant to other medications (as discovered when my first "flare-up" occurred and so I'm scared, really, that these won't work and I'll have to go onto something even stronger.
But...the last 3 days, my EYES have been messed up, so dry, gritty, yucky. I looked it up on the net, and well, it could be from the MX or even from the RA. I can't get into my doctor until July 9. It's scary. All of it. Has anyone had experience with the dry eyes and medications?
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Date: 27.06.2013
From: Linda

Subject: Re: dry eyes and Metheltrexate?

I'm not sure about MX causing dry eyes, I've never taken it so I don't know.

I have Lupus/RA and sjogrens syndrome. Sjogrens syndrome is a halfway house between RA and Lupus. It causes dry eyes, dry mouth. It affects the mucus membranes of the body, but is mostly benign. You can get eye drops on prescription which relieves it, and drinking water helps.

My eyes have never been that bad so I've needed eye drops, but I do drink an awful lot of water.
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Date: 27.06.2013
From: Colin W

Subject: Re: dry eyes and Metheltrexate?

Hi Lynn , dont think its your drugs causing it , sounds like conjunctivitis which should clear up soon , if you cant see your GP , you can go to a pharmacist & get it checked

With RA you can get eye problems , dry eyes is pretty common & several of us on here have this problem & end up using hypromellose or something similar , its caused by inflammation blocking the tear ducts but within 3 months you dont normaly have those problems

hope you feel better soon
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Date: 28.06.2013
From: Christine

Subject: Re: dry eyes and Metheltrexate?

Hi Lynn,
I had an eye test a few months after being diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and my optician said that dry eyes (itchy &gritty) is very common in people who have arthritis and suggested artificial eye drops that you can buy at the chemist :)
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Date: 01.07.2013
From: Eve

Subject: Re: dry eyes and Metheltrexate?

I've been told the same thing about dry eyes and RA, don't think I have the right bloods for Sjogrens so they said sicca syndrome as I get a dry mouth as well.

I'd just started hydrozychloroquine when I started getting blurred vision and was told to come off it and was at the eye hospital. I've got eyedrops I can put in every couple of hours and lubricant for at night. I also wear a hat when out as they are very sensitive to light and have an eyemask you can heat up to do hot compresses to help blocked ducts.
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