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Date: 25.02.2009
From: Kimberley

Subject: Etodolac advice please

Hi there, my constultant recently changed my medication, I have been on Indomethacin for 17 years since I was 16 yrs old but recently I have been struggling a little so he felt a rehaul might do me some good. He's now started me on Entodolac/Lodine Slow Release 600mg each day instead and I've had to stop taking them as I got worse instead of better.

My hubby keeps telling me to give them time to work but I was sure that with NSAIDS like this the effects are pretty much on a day to day basis, they don't build up like my methotrexate does.

I was just looking for some feedback on it and some advice on whether it is worth taking it for longer.

I am now 33 and have rheumatoid arthritis which began through a virus at the age of 15 yrs. I have had my right hip replaced twice since 17 yrs old.

Pleased to meet you all, Kimberley
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Date: 25.02.2009
From: Jill

Subject: Re: Etodolac advice please

I wish I could help, but I dont know those Drugs Kimberley, Have you tried Methtrexate and Enbrell?

take care
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