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Date: 20.02.2009
From: Rachael

Subject: New here- i am 24 yrs old and i have arthitis

My name is rachael i am 24 yrs old i have 3 young children and i have osteoarthitis in my shoulders. I have been in considerable pain for nearly a year and doctor only just decided to do tests to find out the cause of the extreme pain and stiffness in my shoulder i was originally diagnosed as having a frozen shoulder allthough after x-rays and scan's and blood tests the works they have decided i have arthrtis and have just put me on some dihydracodine and diclofenac.
I have absoloutly no knowlege of my condition exept how much it limits my abilitys to care for myself and my children.

The weird thing with me is some days i can be ok, with some pain but not enough to limit me but the next i can be in so much pain and sometimes even physically unable to move my arm which is very difficult. is this normall one would assume that it would be bad and stay bad
if you know what i mean.

I was just wondering if there is anyone with the same condition who would be willing to help me with dealing with my condition and just someone to talk to who just understands my partner just thins i am overreacting about the pain some days

anyway if youve read all this thank you very much.
Sorry to have gone on a bit...
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