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Date: 14.01.2009
From: Judy

Subject: Viral arthritis / Parvovirus/ RA?

Hi everyone. I wondered if anyone here has a 'viral arthritis'? I had my first appt on Monday with a rheumatologist - and although I have been showing the classic signs of RA for over 5 months (Stiff and painful hands, wrists, feet, ankles and knees, some swelling and generally feeling wretched and v tired everyday, my blood tests have come back negative (RF and ESR) and he says that he can't feel any signs of RA in my joints. He said it could be a viral arthritis - maybe from Parvovirus - so have just had more blood tests and x-rays - but in the meantime until my next app't with him in 4 - 6 weeks, he has told me to take 8 ibuprofen and 8 paracetemol 200mg a day. This amounts to 112 tablets a week! Does anyone know if this is normal? Does anyone know anything about viral arthritis and its symptoms? Are they exactly the same as for RA. I came out from seeing him slightly confused??? Many thanks for your help xx
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Date: 24.01.2009
From: Kylee

Subject: Re: Viral arthritis / Parvovirus/ RA?

Hi i am inflammatory arth. Which is classed as viral. The symptoms are very simalar to ra how ever it effects every joint from toe to head you also tend to get a slight cold when you have a flare up of a joint. My artheritus wasnt detected by blood test as it was always negative. My specialist drew the fluid from my knee joint and sent it for testing. Dnt worry its painless.
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