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Date: 08.12.2008
From: Sylvia

Subject: Ladies Beware

I heard on Radio 2 this morning a quite frightening new scam and thought I would pass it on as its something we should be aware of.......a lady went into a big well known department store Christmas shopping and paid a visit to the ladies loo where she hung her handbag on the hook provided, a hand appeared over the cubicle wall and made off with her bag, she reported the incident to the store manager and a day or so later recieved a call from the stores manager saying her handbag had been found but minus her purse and would she like to pop into the store and collect it from the manager, but on arriving at the store found the manager wasn't expecting her and whats more knew nothing of the stolen bag being found and had certainly not phoned her, on arriving back home the lady's house had been broken into and ransacked, the thieves had used all the details of her name, address etc from driving licence and various bits and pieces in her bag, waited until she left the house and did thier damage.......
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Date: 02.03.2009
From: suszannah

Subject: Re: Ladies Beware

Hell America has come to the UK..... :(
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Date: 02.03.2009
From: Jill

Subject: Re: Ladies Beware

Blimey....Mind you I never take a bag anywhere, because if anyone did try to Nick my bag off my shoulder I would get arrested with hitting them over the head with my Crutch!! lol.... thats a terrible scam, who would have thought that one up, Mind you, what scares me most Is How the Thief new that the lady left her bag on back of the door! camera maybe whilst she was having a wee wee? that part worries me much much more !
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