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Date: 01.12.2008
From: Lisa

Subject: A great thing happened today............................

.........I got up, relatively pain free and the sun was shining. My husband told me he loved me, the bus driver waited for me instead of driving off and I've been able to help a friend deal with the loss of her father. Its true what they say, 'its not all doom and gloom you know'!!!. Do you think we could start a thread where we all find something positive to say every day to help cheer each other up and remind each other that having RA isn't the only thing going on in our lives, people love us, think we are sexy/funny etc etc and the sun rises as well as seems to be working for me. Have a hug from me over the www! xxx
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Date: 08.12.2008
From: lynh

Subject: Re: A great thing happened today............................

fantastic Lisa, glad to hear you're having a good time. Take care and stay positive
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