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Date: 19.11.2008
From: Margaret

Subject: New member Margaret 43 with OA

Hi I am a 43 yr old mother of two who was told seven yrs ogo I have OA in my neck and spine after having an X-Ray.
I woke one morning seven years ago and could not move, the pain was like nothing I had ever experienced before.Having two kids with no drugs at all was nothing compared to the pain i was experiencing,i was bed ridden fo six weeks taking muscle relaxants one after the other.
After recovering a bit afriend of mine took me to a very good Chiropractor whom I have been using over the last seven years at the first sign of neck or back stiffening before it locked up,i would go to him and walk out all better until recently.
Last Friday first time in seven years I woke again locked up and in sever pain.took pain killers ,rubbed cream, had a hot shower no releaf I suffered till Sunday morning by then I was so tired from not being able to sleep i went of to the chiropractor he relived my neck i could move it again but the next day there was pinching in my shoulder and neck that is running down my right arm, i went to my doctor where I also work as a Medical Receptionist he suggested I get CT Scan and X-Rays I did only to be told its alot worse he actully thought I had had some kind of car accident many years ago for it to be this bad, he sugested not going back to the Chiropractor,i told him I had not had any kind of accident and the only thing I did most of my life every week was Dance this is the one thing i love and can do well but admittingly over the last seven years I have cut down my Dancing as every time I would go Dancing the next day I would suffer for days afterwards.
So for the last week I have been on Naprosyn and any pain killer that I can take still having trouble sleeping and the arm is still pinching, there is a bit of relief today, I hate taking pills, I am so tired of being in pain I just want it to go away,
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