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Date: 14.11.2008
From: Gordon

Subject: My first attempt at getting some advice

I was the victim of a serious motor vehicle accident in Sept 1997. I had (Grossly unstable) Fractures of C2,C5 &C6. together with a ruptured Aorta, a ruptured femoral artery and other multiple but lesser injuries. Due to the ruptured Aorta the surgeons did not treat (fuse) my neck but attended to the more threatening Aortic rupture. I was placed in a rigid collar which I wore 24/7 for the next six months. I took large doses of Coral calcium and over the six months the fractures healed.

There have been growths or spurs which have developed on the vertebrae concerned and there has been an autofusion of C5 and C6. There is now also evidence of premature ARTHRITIS in this area of my neck.

I suffer from chronic neck pain which extends to headaches Numbness & 'Pins & Needles' in my hands etc. Pain medication leads to dependancy and has some very undesirable side effects such as liver damage, constipation etc. (Tough I sometimes fell like being put back on a Morphine drip and floating away.

I need to start working on treatment of the arthritis now and stop it from developing further.

I am 47 years old and I do not drink nor smoke. I am not over weight and am generally otherwise healthy. This is my first attempt at getting some advice.

Does anybody have anything I can consider for starters.

All positive feedback will be most welcome.

Thank you
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Date: 19.11.2008
From: lynh

Subject: Re: My first attempt at getting some advice

Sorry to hear re all your problems.
Several hints some or all of which you may have heard, but here goes.
1. Find a good physio. I know I'm biased(i am a physio as well as a arthritis sufferer). They can help you with movement protection, joint protection and probably most importantly pain relief.

2. Keep the other joints as mobile as poss. Tai Chi is superb as is swimming although i realise you will be limited a little due to neck problems.

3. Try to get referred to a chronic pain clinic. They are normally helpful in cases like yours and they have lots of options for pain relief that GP's and other consultants don't have.

4. Work out what you CAN do as well as what you can't. Sounds obvious, but sometimes difficult to think of when you are loaded down with pain.

5. DONT be afraid to ask for help for depression.

Good luck
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