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Date: 12.11.2008
From: sandra jones

Subject: Hi I'm new here and looking for info

Hi all,
I'm looking for some info on Gout or Arthritis and If I've got it. I have a painful swelling on the top of my foot which is red and warm. I am having trouble walking and have been taking Diclofenac but it doesn't seem to be doing much. The only bit of relief I get is if I use a cold pack. I know I havn't knocked my foot at all. My foot has been like this once before a few months back. The swelling went down after a couple of weeks when I rested it. This time I have been in discomfort for over a week. I seem to be limping a lot more because it hurts so much and I am on my feet for 6hrs or more when I am working. Please can anyone help me out with some advice?
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