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Date: 12.11.2008
From: Hippychick

Subject: I have not had anu drugs for my RA only painkillers!

I am really upset that my NHS Rhuematologist has not put me on any treatment yet and I am only on Painkillers for the pain in my hips where I get the most pain from.I have had RA for about 3 years ,I know that I'm not crazy because the painkillers are just not strong enough and it is really depressing me.My next appiontment at the Hospital to see my Rheumatologist in is Feb 2009,I cant wait that long.Any advice ..thanks
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Date: 18.11.2008
From: lynh

Subject: Re: I have not had anu drugs for my RA only painkillers!

phone your hospital and ask if they have a rheumatology helpline, this is staffed normally by specialist nurses. My experience is very good with these, they have time to listen.

Or you can request a earlier appointment by ringing the rheum secretary and /or medical records.

Tell your rheumy your concerns, write down a list of problems, causes of increased pain like walking or peeling potatoes (2 of mine but not neccessarily yours).

Lastly if the rheumy is unhelpful or you're just not happy, ask for another rheumatologist.

Good luck, hope this helps
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