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Date: 06.11.2008
From: Paul

Subject: sero negative rhumatoid artritis

Hello everybody,
This is my first visit to this site. It looks very informative and useful.
Anyway I was diagnosed with SNRA 12 months ago. I have always been an active person and was training to take part in the UK Ironman Triathlon (swim/bike/run) and I started getting stiffness in my feet and hands. Over a few weeks it got so bad that I could hardly walk never mind train.
I saw my GP who give me painkillers which were not effective and I was passed onto a Rhumatoid specialist. He took blood tests and a chest x-ray and said that I had SNRA.
He prescribed a course of steroids which worked well and by Xmas I was back to normal.
However by March the stiffness had returned and I was given Salazopyrin which were not effective. In August I started taking Methotrexate which seem to be doing the job.
Anyway I would like to know if anybody else has SNRA and any thoughts on taking both Sal & Meth.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Date: 07.11.2008
From: pete

Subject: Re: sero negative rhumatoid artritis

hi there, i have had snra for 30 years, i was also on methotrexate for about 5 years and it worked pretty good,just be careful on the dose, i found that as soon as you went above 15 mg the side effects became worse (mouth ulcers and upset stomache )even so i would consider it one of the better drugs i have been on and they certainly are'nt the worst side effects i have had, try and keep smiling and i hope you find a drug that suits you quickly, pete
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Date: 23.11.2008
From: Nicky Tayler

Subject: Re: sero negative rhumatoid artritis

Hi I am in the same situation. Have just started taking methotrexate and have reduced my sulfur to 3grms while it starts to work. Am also on prednisone, when ever I get below 15mg I flare up though, like today. I am hoping when the methotrexate works I can totally go off the steroids as the side affects are not good, esp long term. I am 25 and it's been really hard adjusting to having this, but am trying to be positive about it and it really helps.
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Date: 22.02.2009
From: ami

Subject: Re: sero negative rhumatoid artritis

Hi there,just been reading through the forum and saw your comments,I just wondered how you was getting on with the methotrexate as my situation is quite similar to yours as in im 27 and finding this all a bit too much i've just started methotrexate and everytime I drop below 15mg of prednisnone I get a flare up.
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