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Date: 05.04.2012
From: Henry Chung

Subject: The Issue of Handles...


I am aware that arthritis is debilitating problem and I feel the a large number of products and objects don't necessarily cater for these issues as my aunt, also suffering from arthritis, believes. Some, such as the Oxo Good Grip range, do so very well.

I am a design student and my project has been on the idea of design hacking, where users are involved in the design process to optimise the designed object. Handles were in an issue which I have been experimenting with. I have been creating handles specific for people by asking people to grip balloons with plaster which when hardened, maps a near perfect grip for the user.

I am writing to see if people in the London area are interested in helping out and allowing me to meet up to cast your grip. The idea is to cast these grips onto functional objects. Let me know you are interested or if you have questions.

Henry Chung
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