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Date: 02.04.2012
From: chrissy

Subject: fancy drugs im fed up of them.

Hi all ive not been on for a while,ive had infection after infection,im on toxicillamab and was doing ok,but these last 2 mth had 2 lots of antibiotics,for abcess on my tooth and chest infection,and ive had a bad cold for over mth,i should of had my infusion on tues but wasnt able to because not well enough,while my joints are a lot better,im just getting infections,i was reading the posts and the same thing is happening to some of you, what hell do you do take a drug that is flooring your immune system, or be crippled. thanks for listening chrissy.x
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Date: 03.04.2012
From: Em

Subject: Re: fancy drugs im fed up of them.

Hi Chrissy, I am sorry to hear of your predicament with all the drugs and their side effects.
I am always getting chest infections with methatrexate as I have bronchiectasis and am told from the specialist I cannot try "biologicals", after reading people's posts on here I am starting to think he is right.
I always wished I could try them and maybe have some marvellous results for my terrible arthritis.
Coming on this site has made me realise that there is no miracle cure, and I think we will have to put up with pain and deformity.
Everything seems to mess even more with the immune system...
Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for listening too. Em x
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