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Date: 29.03.2012
From: Kim

Subject: random bruising on big toe

Hi everyone
I have ra and for a month or so I have been suffering with intense pain in one of my big toes from the main joint right to ip of toe. On Monday this week I experiebced the same pain and then my big toe turned purple in front of my eyes. I went to gp the following day and she said it was just a bruise, yet I havnt banged it or damaged it. I do have inflamamation in the toe so wondered if just linked to the ra, has anyone else had this happen to them?Or know what could have caused it? I guess its just another pain I have to put up with on top of everything else!
Many thanks
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Date: 31.03.2012
From: willis

Subject: Re: random bruising on big toe

hi kim
well you might not remember knocking or banging your two but if the RA is active then the slightest touch will bring out bruising - i get this all the time - i scratched my leg once and it bruised! the pain is part of the RA I'm afraid and yes it occurs in the most random places at random times too. a bit of a nightmare I know. i get pains in my ears and jaws and the gp says can't be the RA - little do they know! my feet at the moment - i feel like i'm walking on broken glass and have suffered random pain in different parts of body for years now just didnt' know it was RA for years.
sorry not much help on how to make it feel better - still trying to find remedy for that one myself.
you take care, xxxxx
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Date: 31.03.2012
From: marlene

Subject: Re: random bruising on big toe

Hi Kim and Willis, I have OA and the slightest knocked or as you say Willis a hard scratch causes bruising. My other half used to say what did you do there and I never could realy say.
I now think it is to do with the OA and muscle damage I have. All you can do is be careful LOL clumsy is my middle name. I have OA in my feet so the broken glass bit i can also relate to. Like you willis i suffer with constant pain everywhere. What can we do?? keep smiling and get on with it the best we can. Went out for the day two days ago and am still in agony but it was worth every minute. Take Care Ladies and I wish you well.
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Date: 01.04.2012
From: Kim

Subject: Re: random bruising on big toe

Thanks Willis and Marlene
I think you are right I probably did have a slight knock and as its so swollen it feels like it's going to explode!So I guess a bruise is not too unusual. Some days the pain and fatigue just feel like too much to cope with but there's no other option but to struggle on and get on with life. Thankfully I have two young children who keep me going and motivated!
Hope you have recovered Marlene
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