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Date: 24.03.2012
From: Paula

Subject: Wrote this, and wanted to share with you.

Huaman Beings, By Paula,

We see the world in a different way,
We wish our disabilites woud simply go away today,
Labels we're stuck with, treated as such,
Hey we're still human beings, thanks very much!

People judge what they don't understand,
Hey all we want is a helping hand,
To give us the tools so we can go on
With what we all go through we are tough - so strong.

Sigma, discrimminated - we've faced in our lives,
Things get on top of us, we wanted to die,
But despite everything we can stand tall,
Deep within us we can conquer all.

Hated in the media, by government too,
Shunned in the workplace - who knew?
We suffer in silence afraid to speak out,
It's time to change, hear our voices - let's shout.

It's made us more caring, compassionate too,
Non judgemental of others which can't be said of "you"
We have talents and gifts too many to name,
Disability is NOT all of us, is isn't a "Shame"

Society is so cruel to what they don't understand,
And the powerful "departments" can be very underhand!
If we were given just a chance
We'll show you who we are
An amazing human being with great qualtities - that can take us far,

Depsite the disabilies give us a chance to live our lives
It is not a "reasonable adjustment" but our basic human rights!

No one is immune from having problems too,
You could find yourself at the doctors, it can happen to "you".

I took a risk sharing this, but I wanted you guys to read this, you have given me great help on this site, and since being diagosed with RA,thanks and hugs to you all.
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Date: 27.03.2012
From: davina

Subject: Re: Wrote this, and wanted to share with you.

hi paula this is really true and people really don't see past the front we put up to keep ourselfs protected. i believe everyone judges others but if people just stopped to know what was wrong and was compationate then the world would be a better place and people would understand that little bit more xx
thank you for sharing xx
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