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Date: 22.03.2012
From: Fleur

Subject: Hydrotherapy

How beneficial is this for RA?
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Date: 22.03.2012
From: bsk

Subject: Re: Hydrotherapy

I did a bit after I came out of hospital a couple of years ago and found it very good. Only got about six sessions but it really helped at the time.
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Date: 23.03.2012
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, is great for any joint or muscle pain. I had this for OA. You can achive a lot more under the warm water. Dry physio for me at the time was hopeless. As bsk mentioned usually you only get one half hour session per week for six weeks. I was a little sad when mine finished as this was such a help. If you are offered this then I would so give it a go!!!!!! Take Care.
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