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Date: 21.03.2012
From: Em

Subject: Hydrotherapy?

Hi everyone, I have had the 3rd session of acupuncture for a really stiff neck,back left side,and my left shoulder is very damaged. It does not seem to be helping and the physio said she will refer me to a physio who specialises in arthritis, she said this will probably be exercises in a hydrotherapy pool. Has anyone tried this therapy and does it help. Em x
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Date: 22.03.2012
From: Colin

Subject: Re: Hydrotherapy?

Em , tried acupunture on my ankles several years ago , worked pretty well for few days then back to normal ,

hydropool is good idea to try , the hospilal here has one & & either your Doc can get you a few session or they run some in the evenings
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