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Date: 02.11.2008
From: Maria

Subject: Arthritis Questionairre

Im a 4th year pharmacy student looking to improve patient pharmacist relations..If you could please answer as many of the following questions as possible and email them to with the subject line ARTHRITIS it would greatly be appreciated!

1. Has arthritis changed the way you view yourself/appearance?
2. Has anyone discussed with you your treatment options? If so, what kinds of options were presented?
3. Does arthritis still greatly affect your daily activities, or have you learned to cope with it?
4. Other than medications, have you been exposed to any herbal/physical therapy options that you use?
5. Are you involved in any support groups?
6. Are your family/friends aware of your arthritis?
7. Do you sometimes downplay the actual pain you might be feeling when speaking to your doctor?
8. Do you have any fears about starting a newly prescribed medication? What are they?
9. Is there any piece of advice you would want to pass on to someone who has just been diagnosed with arthritis?
10. Do you think arthritis is a common problem around the world?
11. Are there any questions that you have about arthritis that you have had reservations about asking your doctor?
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Date: 02.11.2008
From: Maria

Subject: Re: Arthritis Questionairre

Or if it is easier, please post your answers here!
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Date: 02.11.2008
From: lynh

Subject: Re: Arthritis Questionairre

good luck maria, glad to see you're asking patients not just professonals.
1. yes makes me feel old and decrepict
2. initially, but less so as time goes on and options narrow
3. increasing problems, able to do less and less
4. not really,
5. no except this one.
6. yes and are supportive, but sometimes i resent this, mad i know.
7. yes as don't want to seem a moaner.
8. yes, most of the medication is toxic so worry about side effects
9. find out all you can and make decisions based on this. find a good rheumy who specialises in your type of arthritis, not all types should be treated the same and don't be afraid to keep nagging all sorts of people to get what you want.

Most importantly keep as mobile as possible.
10. yes.
11. no

Hope this is useful
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Date: 07.11.2008
From: maria

Subject: Re: Arthritis Questionairre

thank you!
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Date: 11.11.2008
From: Lisa

Subject: Re: Arthritis Questionairre

It sounds a bit spooky but my answers are the same as Lyns - the only thing I would add in is under number 9 - my advice is when you are diagnosed, stop, sit down and take a big breath and DON'T head straight for all the scary websites that only give you horror stories. I have spent the last 3 weeks since my diagnosis terrified, angry, very tearful etc etc but what can I do? Read all the bad things and give up or look for the positive things that are working for others and try them?
Thanks for taking the time to ask us how we feel not tell us how we should feel.
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Date: 12.11.2008
From: Hippychick

Subject: Re: Arthritis Questionairre

1.Yes and no
3.Yes I find it difficult to walk.
6.All of my family are aware and support me.
7.No never
8.At the moment no new medicines
9.Yes get as much support from your family and friends and tell the doctor where the pain is an how it affects you.
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