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Date: 31.10.2008
From: lindsay

Subject: RA & Diabetes (type1) - strugling to cope!

anyone else out there with type 1 diabetes and arthritis. I am 25, female, had RA for about 2 years now and diabetes for about 15 years. I have been suffering extream flare ups with my RA the past two months, the treatment is really affecting my diabetes controll.
I am really strugling to cope with both diseases, and wondering how I am going to get though the next few years. I would love to start a family but just now it seams just far to scary, I can bearly find the energy to clean the house, nevermind having a family. i would love to hear from anyone else who maybe has these two diseases...
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Date: 12.11.2008
From: Hippychick

Subject: Re: RA & Diabetes (type1) - strugling to cope!

Hi,you are not alone I have RA and type 2 Diabetes and it sure is tough to manage both.I have had Diabetes for about4 years and RA for 3 1/2 years .It is such a stress on the body as some days the pain I get from my RA (which I have in my hips)makes it difficult to walk,but then some days are fine.I already have a daughter and I would like more kids but could I really manage that.By the way I should have said I am 33 + Female..
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Date: 08.12.2008
From: Jessica L

Subject: Re: RA & Diabetes (type1) - strugling to cope!

Hiya, I have osteo-arthritis and type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1993 and with arthritis two weeks ago. I haven't noticed a rise in blood sugar generally, the only problem is that my blood sugar gets high when I cannot exercise (which is quite often at the moment :( ) I'm 28 and I also have a son who is four!
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