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Date: 11.03.2012
From: Taff7996

Subject: Career advise

I'm a 46 year old man and I have severe OA of my right knee,

I've had a MFX trochlear grove, my knee is still painful, snapping and popping

My question is,

Do I struggle on in the job I enjoy (forklift emgineer) which could most possibly make my condition worse or do I bite the bullet and try looking for a desk job
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Date: 11.03.2012
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Career advise

You have to do what is best for you. Taff if your job is going to make your situation worse, i would suggest having a good long think and try to find a job that you may enjoy.
Is there maybe another position in your company that may suit you better??
It must be so difficult for you, hope you come to the best decision for you.
Take Care
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Date: 11.03.2012
From: Colin

Subject: Re: Career advise

Taff , you should be able to find a desk job within engineering if you want

would be ashame to give up job that you enjoy , had to give up several years ago my job as industrial engineer because of RA
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