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Date: 07.03.2012
From: sarah

Subject: its been a while.....

Hi everyone, i hope you are all ok,its been some time since ive been on here.I have been put back on to plaqunil in the middle of December,and i just wondered how long it took to work,i know everyone is different,i would like to hear your experiences,thanks.I have had carpal tunnel surgery,right hand in October and left hand 3 weeks ago.I have morton neuroma in both my feet, my right foot i have had treatment with injections and while i was having them he said i also have Buritis.I would like to know if anyone else has had morton neuroma/ Bursitis.Thanks for taking the time to read this.:)
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Date: 09.03.2012
From: bsk

Subject: Re: its been a while.....

I supposedly had morton's neuroma but it turned out to be RA! No problems since I've been on meds, the one part of me that doesn't hurt! Perhaps the Plaquinil will help with it when it kicks in. I think the rule of thumb for these drugs is 12 weeks or longer for some.
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Date: 09.03.2012
From: davina

Subject: Re: its been a while.....

hi sarah normally plaquenil should have worked by now, normally by 3 months. i am on plaquenil it didn't work enought for me so i am now on methatrexate and cimzia an anti-ntf but it may work still for you x
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