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Date: 29.02.2012
From: davina

Subject: pain and no help from nurses

hi all hope you are well. x

i'm in sooo much pain due to not taking any anti-ntf for 6 weeks, i started cimiza 6 weeks ago it is a 2 weekly drug and 4 weeks ago when i was suppost to take the next dose i got broncitis.
was on anti-biotics for 3 weeks and called health care at home (whom supply and send nurses out to help train) last week to arrage a visit from a nurse and they only got back to me today!
been waiting 2 wks just for a phone call.

so yesterday i went to a walk in center so they could just sit with me while i do the injection myself and she refused as she felt she may have to administer it. so waste of 2 injections.
i called my gp nurse and because its a specailised drug they are not happy doing it either, so now i have an appointment for next tuesday which would mean i have to wait 7 weeks.

i am having such a bad time of it and people that know me knows i want a baby and waiting now because of nurses and hospitals taking their time i have to wait longer for my long awaited 2nd child. xx
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Date: 29.02.2012
From: Paula

Subject: Re: pain and no help from nurses

Hi Davina, sorry to hear what is happening, just want to say sending you my thoughts and a hug, hang in there, and hope they get the injection sorted next week, take care x
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Date: 29.02.2012
From: marlene

Subject: Re: pain and no help from nurses

Hi Davina, keep your chin up sweetheart, I know it must be hard for you.
I hope your long awaited child is soon on the horizon for you.
I am not going to say I know how you feel because I don't, but I can only imagine.
I am so sorry you are in a lot of pain,I don't understand why the walk in centre couldn't help you.To be honest sometimes I am just lost for words. Davina I am sending you love best wishes and a great big hug xxxxxxxxxx
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