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Date: 27.02.2012
From: ruth

Subject: inflamatory osteo -arthritis

I have had osteo arthritis for nearly 30yrs & have been tested regulary for rheumatoid because my hands swell & go hot. Now the rheumatologist has said I have inflamatory osteo- arthritis anyone know what the difference is & is there any meds appart from pain relief
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Date: 27.02.2012
From: Marlene

Subject: Re: inflamatory osteo -arthritis

Hi Ruth, inflamatory OA is when the arthritis is progressive. This can cause small pieces of cartlidge to break off and float around inside the joint. This causes a high degree of pain and swelling.
I found this out when I questioned why my GP was putting me on steroids. His reply was look at all this swelling lets reduce this and hopefully at the same time reduce some of the pain.
Unfortunately OA is greeted with oh yes but all old people get that. Well mine began at 35yrs far from old, I am now 61yrs to-day and like yourself battling every day with the pain.
With regard to painfull swollen joints I have had crotisone (steroid) injections that do help short term.
I hope this helps.
Take Care and keep your chin up.
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